The power of your voice cannot be overestimated 




Hi there! Ever since I was 5, I wanted to be a reporter. I grew up watching them get thrown around by hurricanes in my hometown and I thought that looked like fun. I got my chance in 2008 covering a late season tropical storm and it was heaven! 

In my 15 year career on camera (and increasingly behind it), I've covered it all. (read more below)

And the main lesson I learned is that your voice is your best ally in success. 

When I've been fearful to voice what I really wanted or believed, I suffered. 

When I found the courage to be open and honest, I learned that authenticity trumps perfection any day. 

In an Instagram world, people are YEARNING for something real. 

So my goal in coaching you is not to make you sound "perfect" - that doesn't exist.

I want you to be YOU. Only authentically amplified. 

The real you is the best gift you can give others. 

Realness is trusted.

Realness is valued. 


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A former network news correspondent, Diana Alvear is a Peabody award winning journalist with plenty of experience in the breaking news trenches. 

She is the main anchor of WJZY/FOX 46 Charlotte's 6 and 10 pm newscasts, and launched the new 5 pm newscast. She also contributes feature pieces to all platforms. 

Diana spent a decade as a correspondent for various outlets and networks. She appeared near daily on the Today show, working from the LA bureau, while also filing for NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, NBCNews.com and NBCLatino.com. She won a prestigious Peabody Award for her story on college students who rely on food pantries, part of the NBC poverty initiative "In Plain Sight". 

As an ABC news correspondent, Alvear travelled the globe delivering the news of the day to millions of viewers with experience spanning natural disasters. She gave firsthand accounts before, during and after several hurricanes. She kept her cool while reporting in Japan live on air as a huge aftershock interrupted her live shot. Alvear witnessed President Obama's historic speech on election night 2008 from the stands in Chicago's Grant Park, cried for the first and only time while live on air as the Chilean miners were rescued one by one. It wasn't all disaster and politics, however. She reported from a rooftop across from Westminster Abby as Kate Middleton became a princess. 

She published her first kids book, Sal Finds a Forever Home, based on her kitty Sal waiting in the shelter for a loving home. Passionate about fitness and women's empowerment, she trains in Muay Thai kickboxing.